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Re2c example
Re2c example

Re2c example

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example re2c

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A worked example: Apr 16, 1994 - For example, given the following code. Given the following source Aug 20, 2013 - I am attempting to use re2c with input defined with an iterator pair to look at the re2c examples, specifically the strip_comments example, Nov 8, 2010 - re2c lexer & lemon parser -- calculator example. Aug 22, 2014 - EXAMPLE. At the very beginning, a lexer needs a list of Oct 30, 2011 - For example, re2c generated code can be used to scan data from a null-byte terminated buffer as illustrated below. char *scan(char *p) { /*!re2c re2c:define:YYCTYPE = "unsigned char"; re2c:define:YYCURSOR = p; Apr 16, 1994 - re2c is a preprocessor that generates C-based recognizers from regular For example, given the following code #define NULL ((char*) 0) char Aug 7, 2014 - Last time, I explained how to use re2c to create a lexer, now I will present how to I wanted first to show it with a more concrete example than aOriginally posted by Download --> re2c-lemon calculator (in .zip format) * lemon_parser.h Apr 13, 2006 - There are some examples, but I'm finding them more obscure than I care to wrestle with. Given the following code: unsigned int stou (const char * s) { # define YYCTYPE char const YYCTYPE * YYCURSOR = s; unsigned Nov 21, 2011 - Lets look at a small, functioning lexer that will analyze a simple example that is created using re2c. I want to be able to evaluate re2c and compare it to the Searching around, it looks like re2c + lemon may be a relatively common approach for those looking to replace flex/bixon.
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